Advertising FAQ's

How much does it cost and what are the guidelines?

Why is it so cheap?

The Borough of Glassboro has made advertising in the digital age fully accessible to registered business and nonprofit organizations within Glassboro to assist them with customers and to get Glassboro residents better acquainted with our great business offerings.  We have made digital advertising available to supplement the marketing you already do with low cost, easy to use platforms that require no printing, mailing, etc.  We are leveraging technology and making it available to our business owners and nonprofits as another service provided by the Borough.  We encourage you to add our advertising offerings to what is currently working for you and have another feather in your marketing cap.

Where does my money go?

The money we intake from advertising helps pay for:

  • Technologies that we use such as Paypal, Hardware, and Development.
  • Event costs for the multitude of community events we host each year and to develop new events. 

Why add digital to my marketing efforts?

Digital advertising is now the new norm—it’s the fastest growing marketing channel with no signs of slowing down. This shouldn’t come as a surprise—marketing has always been about three things: location, location, location. And today, your target market is largely online.  

  1. Digital Advertising is Targeted

  2. Digital Advertising Provides Flexibility Across Channels

  3. Digital Advertising Invites Mobile Engagement

  4. Digital Advertising is Faster to Market

  5. Digital Advertising is Easily Measurable

  6. Digital Advertising Maintains Top-of-Mind Awareness

  7. Digital Advertising Can Go Viral

I'm new to this, can anyone help me?

Of course!  Our Business Development Team is here to assist you with questions and tips.  ALthough we cannot design or create your advertising, we can helps save you time by answering questions for you and helping in any way we can.  In addition, we hold business meeting and classes that can help in many ways.

Here are our current Digital Advertising options.