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The Glassboro Office of Economic Development is at your service. We can help you get on the right track for establishing your business. We can also help you evaluate your existing business and help you discover areas where improvements could be made.

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About Rowan Boulevard: New Jersey’s Largest Municipal Redevelopment Project

Glassboro, NJ’s Rowan Boulevard is a $350 million revitalization project being developed in public/private partnership between the Borough of Glassboro, Rowan University and private developers. The boulevard directly links one of New Jersey’s leading universities, Rowan University, with the borough’s downtown retail district, creating the quintessential college town.

New Jersey’s largest municipal redevelopment project promotes smart growth living with mixed-use buildings (intergenerational residential, retail, medical, classroom, office, student housing, restaurants and hotel) in a walkable community setting.  The boulevard is forming a completely new 26-acre, 1/3-mile long corridor from the foot of the university campus to a 1.75 acre town square, and is expected to attract 60 new retail stores, including a dozen restaurants. Rowan Boulevard is projected to generate up to $2 million in new annual property taxes within the next five years.

One of the most up and coming towns in the Greater Philadelphia Area
— Philadelphia Magazine

All retail and student housing on the boulevard is privately owned and therefore generating tax ratables for the borough. All properties for the development of the Boulevard were acquired without the use of eminent domain and all of the pre-existing annual property taxes are being paid by private developers. Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) revenue on the Rowan Boulevard downtown redevelopment project hit $1,430,025 in 2014. The developers also contribute towards debt service principal.

The project has created 350 new jobs on Rowan Boulevard at 30 new retailers and Rowan University-related offices.  About 1,000 new permanent positions are projected upon completion. More than 400 jobs come with each major construction project.

Rowan Boulevard is the cornerstone of a much larger revitalization encompassing a total of 81-acres in several adjoining neighborhoods in Glassboro’s downtown.  The entire Glassboro revitalization, including Rowan Boulevard, is expected to draw more than 125 new retail stores, infusing the local economy with more than $225 million annually.


An 81-Acre Redevelopment Project

Including the 26-acre Rowan Boulevard project linking Rowan University to businesses on East and West High Streets in Downtown Glassboro

More than 2,000

Living in market-rate housing on Rowan Boulevard and off  West High Street

OVER 4,040 students

Living on Rowan Boulevard (upon completion) with direct access to downtown merchants and activities

More than 100 (and growing!)

New commercial businesses, boosting the local economy by more than $48 million annually

OVER $350 Million

In private investment for Rowan Boulevard alone, making it the largest redevelopment project in New Jersey



OVER 94,000

People within 5 miles of Glassboro

MORE than 350,000

People within a 10-mile radius

MORE than 16,000

Rowan University students, faculty and staff within walking distance of Downtown Glassboro

1,100 MORE

Part time and full time jobs created by Rowan Boulevard;
Since 2010, Glassboro’s unemployment rate decreased from 11% to 5% 

MORE than 300,000 SF

Of restaurant, retail, neighborhood services, health & wellness and entertainment space


Yet to come:

  • Two additional parcels on Rowan Boulevard are in proposal stages as of summer 2015, with construction slated for completion in 2017 and 2018.

  • Redevelopment of the old downtown Roxy Theater site in the Arts & Entertainment District is expected to begin in 2016, with first-floor retail and small theatre spaces, Rowan student media on the second floor and affinity housing for Rowan communications students above

  • The Town Square will begin Phase I construction at the corner of Main & High Streets in spring 2016. Phase I of the 1.75-acre park will include infrastructure (lighting, drainage, walkways) and a Great Lawn.

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To Build, To Hire, To Grow:
Why Glassboro Is South Jersey’s Prime Location

  • TAX INCENTIVES: The Economic Opportunity Act of 2013 made Glassboro one of the few SJ towns that qualifies for EDA tax incentives for job creation and development. Last year Nexus Properties received $22.5 million in tax incentives over 10 years for the $74 million, 316,000 sf mixed-use medical, retail and housing structure at 220 Rowan Boulevard. Liscio’s Bakery received $13.5 million over 10 years to retrofit a factory for its bakery expansion, doubling its local workforce.

  • ROBUST REDEVELOPMENT: Rowan Boulevard is a $350 million, 26-acre redevelopment mixed-use development project that connects the campus of Rowan University at one end to Glassboro’s existing downtown core at the other. It is among the locations with available building sites, with focus on Eds and Meds, retail and restaurant, office, education and multi- generational housing.

  • AVAILABLE LAND: In addition to Rowan Boulevard and Downtown, there are other available sites in Glassboro. They include industrial and commercial sites (in the Route 55 Industrial Park, along Route 322 near the Rowan campus and along Delsea Drive–Route 47). Many of these sites are in redevelopment areas, and all are improved.

ROWAN UNIVERSITY:  The presence of Rowan University is key...

  • With Rowan’s new research designation and two newly-acquired medical schools, Glassboro is now a preferred location for R&D, especially in the bio-medical field.

  • The University is essential to the success of downtown, where they have instructional, office, arts and residentialspace and commitments.

  • The Rowan Art Gallery at 301 West High Street is expected to open fall 2015, with exhibition space, classrooms and offices.

  • Rowan’s student newspaper as well as communications classrooms and offices are located in the old bank building at the corner of Main and High Streets.

  • Rowan will have a huge presence in the redeveloped Roxy Theatre site on East High Street, including classrooms, offices, student radio and TV stations and student housing.

  • Rowan’s Global Learning & Partnerships division is located in the Enterprise Center on Rowan Boulevard. The 12-month operation brings graduate students and businesses to downtown for graduate and continuing education offerings.

  • About 1,600 undergraduates currently live on Rowan Boulevard.


  • Student shuttle service is expected to begin in fall 2015, providing efficient and convenient transport of students throughout campus as well as to academic offices, classrooms and housing in downtown and along Rowan Boulevard.

  • Efficient use of the Rowan Boulevard Parking Garage as well as parking areas all over Rowan’s campus is key as the student population continues to grow.

  • Students are also being encouraged to use bicycles more, and convenient bike parking and storage is being incorporated around campus and town.

  • The East-West Pureland Community Shuttle provides inexpensive transportation through Glassboro, connecting job opportunities from Avondale to Logan Township.

  • A new Glassboro-Camden Light Rail Line is scheduled to terminate in Glassboro, with stops at the Rowan campus as well as in the midst of the downtown core.

  • Proposals for a Commercial Bike Share are being considered for implementation in 2016.