May 12, 2018  |  10 - 11 am

May 19, 2018  |  10 - 11 am

Glassboro Town Square




Health in today’s society is no longer what a person eats or how much water they drink throughout the day. Health is now about what a person does to maintain a fit lifestyle. There are numerous benefits to living an active and healthy life. Enhanced mental wellness and all around wellbeing occur when a person embraces a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, there are mental health benefits as well. These benefits include improvement of sleep habits, better overall mood, decrease in stress and anxiety and enhanced self-confidence.

Glassboro wants you to feel good!  Many Glassboro residents take the positive steps to change their life for the better. Two Glassboro businesses have made this as easy as possible for community members by offering classes for two Saturday mornings in the Town Square on May 12th & 19th. These classes are designed to get residents up and moving and to sample what Glassboro fitness professionals have to offer. These classes will be taught by professional trainers and be at beginner level for all to keep up. Two Glassboro fitness businesses that are getting involved are Six Pack Training and Fit Body Boot Camp, two business that will be sponsoring our Feel Good Glassboro Morning Workout Session the Town Square.

These classes are free to all participants. You do not need to be a Glassboro resident to participate. You need only bring water, a yoga mat (if you have one) and a towel.  Everything else will be provided for you.

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Active people can join us on May 12th and/or May 19th for fitness classes, led by top-notch instructors, in an unbeatable outdoor setting. Our partnerships with Glassboro's Six Pack Fitness and Fit Body Boot Camp allow us to provide fun, free classes for all!

Online registration is as easy as clicking the picture below, answering a few questions, and downloading and signing your waiver(s) to bring with you. You need only bring water, a yoga mat (if you have one) and a towel.  Everything else will be provided for you.

The event will be held in The Downtown Glassboro in the Town Square. For more information, please call 856-881-0500 or email