Glassboro's Water and Sewer Use State-of-the-Art Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation Equipment

Last week Glassboro's Water & Sewer Operations, led by Superintendent Chip Clark completed training on the Perma-liner Cured In Place Pipe sewer lining equipment. It basically replaces the sewer main from the inside, so you don’t have to dig up and replace the pipe. The department did a total of 675 feet on Maryland Ave and 683 feet on Van Buren.  Each street was completed in 2 days. No lawns were damaged, no driveways, no sidewalks. A single lane closure and a few hours without sewer service were the only inconveniences to the residents.

Below, is a chart of the time and cost per street along with the total cost savings. Considering this equipment was about $140,000, it has almost paid for itself in just this week and more than paid for itself in time.

Lavon Phillips