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The Story Behind NJ’s $426M Walkable Town Center

Great suburban locations offer a lifestyle that blends comfort and access. That doesn’t change with the addition of an urban-style town center. In fact, a central hub like the one we’ve created in Glassboro can act as a magnet for the entire surrounding population, bringing people together not just to eat and drink with friends, but also to organize and attend larger cultural events. A town center can actually strengthen the fabric and identity of a suburb, not damage it.

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A Fast-Growing New Jersey College Builds A Town To Go With It

Right now, in the sleepy South Jersey borough of Glassboro, a chunk of Instant Urbanism has sprung full-blown from what had been a residential neighborhood right smack in the center of town, well away from any freeway.

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Glassboro's A3 Topping Off Ceremony

Ever wonder what the "topping off" ceremony is?  The story goes that when people in Scandinavian countries were building their homes, they would celebrate the setting of the last and highest wood beam. It was customary to mark the occasion with a meal for all the workers and a toast to continued success

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