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The Story Behind NJ’s $426M Walkable Town Center

Great suburban locations offer a lifestyle that blends comfort and access. That doesn’t change with the addition of an urban-style town center. In fact, a central hub like the one we’ve created in Glassboro can act as a magnet for the entire surrounding population, bringing people together not just to eat and drink with friends, but also to organize and attend larger cultural events. A town center can actually strengthen the fabric and identity of a suburb, not damage it.

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Rowan Jazz Fest fosters excitement for a new generation

The festival, now in its 48th year, will be held Feb. 14-16 at the university's Wilson Hall. Bands from 39 schools have registered, with the final evening featuring DiBlasio and the Rowan Jazz Band in a public concert tribute to late composer Oliver Nelson Sr.

"There are a lot of these festivals — high schools have them, colleges have them, often as a (student) recruiting tool. But most of them are competitions. I don't like that," DiBlasio says. "With our festival, there is no win or lose. The kids love it. If we made it competitive, it'd be the same five bands coming back every year."

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Find out how a pair of former Rowan students opened Cookie Munchers on Rowan Boulevard

Rowan alumni Brandon Lucante and Cassie Aran started the business after graduating from Rowan University in the spring of 2016 as a way to fund a world-wide backpacking trip. The couple originally found it to be a unique way to make money, but didn’t imagine the business would become so successful.

“Since we’ve started this, we’ve fallen in love with what we’re doing,” Lucante said. “To start, we didn’t have huge overbearing passion for cookies. But what we have fallen in love with is the business, the brand, our customers, and the process of doing it and watching it grow.”

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Rowan University advances plan for huge athletic complex with arena

The University has been working closely with Elite Development Program (EDP), the lead partner in West Campus Fields, to develop the complex. The plan includes a 4,500-seat arena, an indoor training center, more than 50 athletic fields, artificial turf fields, baseball fields, tennis courts, outdoor track and field venues, a hotel and retail space. 

Steve Shilling, president of EDP, told university officials that EDP believes they will be building the best youth sports venue in the United States.

The facilities are expected to draw 1.5 million visitors a year, primarily for youth sports tournaments and training, and will be the home of Rowan University's athletics.

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A Fast-Growing New Jersey College Builds A Town To Go With It

Right now, in the sleepy South Jersey borough of Glassboro, a chunk of Instant Urbanism has sprung full-blown from what had been a residential neighborhood right smack in the center of town, well away from any freeway.

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Rowan University's Department of Theatre & Dance Premieres "House of Murals"

Devised through a guest artist residency with internationally-renowned Brazilian performer Christiane Matallo, an original piece entitled House of Murals has its world premiere as part of the mainstage season presented by the Department of Theatre & Dance at Rowan University from November 30 through December 10 in Tohill Theatre on the university’s Glassboro campus.

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$1.5 million gift from Give Something Back to support scholarships at RCGC and Rowan University

Give Something Back (Give Back) has awarded $500,000 to Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC) and $1 million to Rowan University to fund scholarships for Pell Grant-eligible students who have faced economic hardships or other challenges such as the incarceration of a parent or foster care.

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Can't wait to get Glassboro's Newsletter in the mail? Enjoy the digital version here!

Our autumn newsletter is out!  Read all about Glassboro progress, technology initiatives, and learn a few reasons why Glassboro High School sets the foundation for so many great futures for alumni such as Philadelphia Eagles new running back Corey Clement.  It also includes some great coupons, discounts and offers from Glassboro businesses.

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VIDEO: Rowan Students, Faculty Share '1,300 Reasons to Live'

"A lot of us have seen the show and read the book 13 Reasons Why, and we figured we could probably come up with 1,300 reasons why not to hurt yourself," said Allie Pearce, the assistant director for Healthy Campus Initiatives at Rowan University. "What are your reasons to live? What are your reasons to get up in the morning?" 

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What Rowan University's campus looked like then, and now (PHOTO SLIDERS)

Rowan University's Main campus has grown to more than 200 acres after years of construction, coinciding with a growth of the student population to about 18,000.

Over the next few years, the campus will grown even more as the massive development project on Rowan Boulevard continues through its fourth phase.

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Check out Cookie Munchers’ new location on Rowan Boulevard

With the help of a 30-day Kickstarter campaign, they were able to raise over $11,000 to help put a dent in the expenses to come with opening the new store and getting any and all equipment. According to Aran’s video blogs, they also did odd jobs and saved whatever money they could to make their dream happen.

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