Isaiah Zagar Mosaic Mural

Creative Glassboro in cooperation with the Mosaic Family Success Center and Rowan University College of Communication and Creative Arts created a mosaic mural project led by world renown artist Isaiah Zagar on the façade of the Glassboro Center at 110 East High Street.

The mural project had been planned by the partners since October of 2016 and came to fruition with additional support of the Borough Town Council and Community Businesses who have provided the funding and materials for the project.  Mosaic Family Success Center is a mainstay of both the community of Glassboro and the Arts and Entertainment District on East High Street.  The mosaic project involves the community in a creative placemaking project that will establish the identity of the Center and its commitment to enhancing the quality of life through creativity and the arts.

Mosaic Family Success Center community members engaged in workshops with Rowan Faculty member Skeffington Thomas to design and make tiles to be used in the mosaic.  Others in the community were resources for additional materials, including glass as identified by the Heritage Glass Museum.  The aim was to include as many community members as possible from Glassboro to name and claim their civic pride in a major work of art that will bring prestige and cultural identity to the Arts and Entertainment District High Street.

The Partners

Robins’ Nest is a community based services powerhouse with over 65 programs and services that impact children, adults, families, veterans, caregivers and the community at large.  Headquartered in Glassboro, Robins’ Nest currently provides services to the seven counties of southern New Jersey.   We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to grow up in a healthy, happy, and safe environment, and that community members of any age, race, or religion have somewhere to turn to in their time of need.

Mosaic Family Success Center, operated by Robins’ Nest, provides services that support the overarching goal to strengthen individual and family functioning and empower community residents to acquire the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to succeed and achieve optimal outcomes for children. What takes place on any given day at the Family Success Center is a connection that enables community members from all walks of life to share their talents, knowledge and experiences with others so that anyone leaving will have a sense of renewed vision for their lives.

Creative Glassboro is a community group dedicated to making Glassboro a welcoming, vibrant, and joyful arts and culture destination for the South Jersey Region and beyond. Our mission is to integrate arts and culture into the fabric of downtown Glassboro as an economic development tool that will enhance the quality of life, provide better creative experiences, and promote new opportunities for  all of our citizens.

Community Impact

A project such as this will not only bring the community together to create something beautiful and historic, but will empower families and individuals to use their creativity and strengths to give back and produce something they are proud of.  This project truly embodies four principles that have been and remain of the utmost important to the Glassboro community: art, history, education, and family.  The result of a project of this magnitude will be a work of art that will showcase what a community can accomplish when it works together and something that we hope continues to spread throughout Glassboro.