glassboro business start-up

Start-Up Fees

The code Enforcement building should be your first point of contact. New businesses are required to submit a zoning verification application which costs $20 to submit and additional $20 once approved.  Applications typically take 5 to 10 business days for review.  You will be advised is the business is an allowed use as well as provided with guidelines for new businesses, including new signage.  This department will coordinate with other departments and advise you if additional approvals from other departments are required.  


(856) 881-8140

10 South Poplar Street

Glassboro, NJ 08028


Zoning Permit

First stop once you choose your business location.

  • $20 Application Submittal
  • $20 For Approval

Construction Permit

A permit is required for any change in The building content such as remodeling and demolition of any interior or exterior walls.

  • Cost based on the cost of repairs/remodeling

Plumbing Permit

A permit is required for any plumbing for HVAC changes or updates such as hot water, change of any piping, Etc..

  • Cost based on the cost of repairs/remodeling


Fire Permit

A fire permit and approval is required prior to moving into location.

Electric Permit

A permit is required for any electrical receptacles, switches, fans, service upgrades, Etc.

  • Cost based on the cost of repairs/remodeling

Food License

Any establishment that prepares or sells food to the public is required to have a food license.  

  • Cost based on square footage a business

Mercantile License

All For-Profit or Non-Profit business are required to have a valid, up-to-date mercantile license.  Mercantile licenses are valid from January 1-December 31 of each year.

  • $10 per calendar year

Mobile Food Vendor License

 all mobile retail food establishments Must Operate from an approved base location (otherwise known as a “servicing area”) and all mobile units/vehicles Must return daily to such location for vehicle and equipment cleaning, discharging liquid or solid wastes, refilling water tanks and ice bins, and boarding food. 

Fees May Vary, Please Check With Each Health Department Covering The Areas That You Are Vending.

  • Risk (1) application review $50.00
  • Risk (2) application review $75.00
  • Risk (3) and Risk (4) application review $150.00