William Butler Painting "Glassboro: Vibrant Future"

"William’s objective for this painting is to create an artwork celebrating Glassboro’s historical and industrial past, its growing and thriving present, and the city’s vibrant and exciting future."

1.    The first layer in the painting is the City of Glassboro logo which reflects the beautiful community of Glassboro focused on its innovative future. The bright color of green in the Glassboro logo and throughout the painting emphasizes the positive transformation and vibrancy of Glassboro as well as the importance of Glassboro’s nature and the environment.

2.    The second layer includes the words Live, Thrive, Love, Create, and Grow. These are inspiring words which represent the Glassboro experience. These words were created vertically on the canvas so they depict the increase and vibrant future for those in the city.    

3.    The next layer depicts four glassblowers which represent the importance of the manufacturing of glass historically to the City of Glassboro. These artistic figures reveal the manner in which glass was blown to create beautiful works of art.

4.    The finished composition is a mosaic of vivid color, line, and a pattern resembling the beautiful glass created in the past as well as the innovative art created now and in the future. This colorful mosaic reflects the beauty and diversity of Glassboro. 

This painting unites the historical importance of the manufacturing of glass from the past to Glassboro’s emphasis on the arts and culture now and in the future. The bright colors, lines, and patterns shine the future of Glassboro which is an exciting tapestry uniting and lifting all in the city including government, business, education, technology, and the arts.

This painting can be viewed anytime inside of Borough Hall.  We encourage you to enjoy, reflect and take selfies and pictures of this beautiful, one-of-a-kind artwork that captures Glassboro, past and present.

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