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The Past Glassboro has a rich history built on, none other than, the manufacturing of glass. Established in 1779 by Solomon Stanger, the town was first known as “Glass Works in the Woods.” Over the years, the glass factory changed ownership many times. During the 1840’s, the factory was under the ownership of the Whitney Brothers and Glassboro became one of the largest communities in Gloucester County with a blacksmith, wheelwright, carpenter, shoemaker, and mason. 

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The Whitney Brothers also built the historic Hollybush mansion, where in 1967 President Lyndon Johnson and Soviet Premier Aleksei Kosygin hosted the summit conference that led to a thaw in the Cold War and eased world tensions.  During the twentieth century the factory was relocated from the center of the town and changed its focus from glass manufacturing to the production of metal closures for glass and metal containers. Then in 1923, Glassboro gained recognition, as it became the home of the New Jersey Normal School, later to become Glassboro State College and now the renowned Rowan University.

The Current Glassboro is a progressive community, always creating an innovative future.  Combining advanced technology infrastructure with a thriving cosmopolitan atmosphere that’s just minutes from Philadelphia and Delaware the downtown is continually being revitalized.  

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Current construction includes a new street that will directly link the University campus to the downtown business area.  The new “street” will create additional pedestrian, bicycle and automotive activity in the center of town. In addition, several local based non-profit organizations have established an arts district along the main fairway of the downtown rich with art galleries, retail shops and one-of-a-kind events throughout the year.  As you can see there are many exciting things happening and planned for the Borough of Glassboro. We hope you join us and become part of the intricate tapestry of this vibrant South Jersey community.  


Rand Report: Great News for Glassboro Employment, Income, Public Safety, & Housing Prices.

May 12, 2015

It’s a new day for Glassboro and its residents as the small college town is becoming a hot commodity for residents to live, work, play and learn.  This thanks to vast improvements in employment statistics, income, public safety and housing prices in the last six years, according to a report just released by The Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs at Rutgers University – Camden. The report includes comparative statistics for municipalities and the eight counties of southern New Jersey.

“Statistics in a number of areas underscore the fact that Glassboro is a community undergoing an extraordinary transformation that is bringing new opportunities for our residents and businesses,” said Council President George Cossabone.

According to the Rand Center’s report, Glassboro’s unemployment rate as of 2013 had dropped to 7.9% from a high of 10.6% in 2009. The 2013 rate is lower than that for the county, which sat at 8.5% for 2013. Similarly the state’s unemployment rate for 2013 was 8.2%.


At the same time Glassboro’s media household income rose an astounding 14.4% (2009-2012), topping out at $61,458. The county median household income for the same period rose just 3.4% and the state average ticked up just 1.9%. The report noted that nearly 32% of Glassboro’s workforce is employed in education and healthcare (31.8%), followed by 16.4% employment in retail and wholesale trade.

In terms of public safety, violent crime has decreased dramatically by 42.5%, eclipsing the state decrease of 17.1% and the county’s drop of 27.3%  Non-violent crime is down 18.8% and the overall decrease in total crime is an astounding 20.9% according to statistics obtained from the FBI Uniform Crime Report.  This incredible drop in crime is attributable to the Department’s focus on community policing and proactive patrols.  Specialized units, including the K9 and Bike Units, promote positive interactions among officers and neighbors.

Innovative police partnerships include the Crime-Free Multi-Family Housing Program, which fosters relationships with rental property owner to mitigate crime.  The Department has also partnered with Rowan University’s police to increase patrols in student rental areas.

The Rand report also pointed to median housing prices in Glassboro, which remained relatively flat from 2011-2013 (-0.7%) while the across the county values prices dropped 8.9%, and statewide they fell 10.5%.

“Our focus on economic development in downtown, along Delsea Drive and in Glassboro’s industrial areas is providing new employment opportunities that drive these incredibly positive statistics. The state’s new economic development incentives for businesses and the extraordinary growth of Rowan University will allow this trend to continue well into the future,” said Councilman John Wallace.

He noted that Rowan’s new research designation as well as its acquisition of two medical schools will allow employment opportunities to broaden at all levels–especially in education, research and development, healthcare and retail–over the course of the coming decades.

“State tax incentives that apply to new and growing businesses in Glassboro encourage job creation and expansion projects,” added Councilwoman Anna Miller. “Glassboro is one of just a few municipalities in the region to qualify for these incentives, approved in the 2013 Economic Opportunities Act.”

Miller said that thanks to this legislation, the new building under construction at 220 Rowan Boulevard received $22.5 million in tax incentives over 10 years from the NJ Economic Development Authority for creating housing, retail, medical offices and more than 100 permanent jobs. Liscio’s also received $13 million in tax incentives over ten years for land acquisition on Ellis Street that will allow the bakery to expand operations and nearly double its workforce.

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