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Mayor John Wallace briefing about suspicious backpack on the sidewalk in Glassboro on May 8, 2019.

I would like proudly thank the Glassboro Police Department, Fire Department, and Gloucester County EMS for their rapid, professional, and expert handling of this potentially life-threatening situation. The Borough’s tactical proficiency and fortitude combined with the Glassboro Public School District personnel, most notably Superintendent Dr. Mark J. Silverstein, Chief Academic Officer Danielle Sochor, and Glassboro High School Principal Dr. Danielle Sneathen, proved to be determining factors in quickly disseminating public information and providing care and shelter for students and residents that were evacuated to safety. To the residents and the students and staff from the Dorothy L. Bullock Elementary School that were displaced during this incident, thank you all for your patience, tolerance and understanding throughout the day.

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