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Glassboro launches new tools to support modern business growth.

Glassboro Economic Development is pleased to team with technology firm Localintel to launch our economic development microsite that will provide Glassboro businesses and entrepreneurs online information and advice in a streamlined format. Glassboro is a premier place to turn an idea into reality, and our new development tools help remove barriers to economic success.

Many businesses express frustration when looking for reliable business development information online. We have now made an interactive set of tools in which all data can be downloaded in an easy to use format for business use. As part of our mission to connect and support business owners, we have launched this set of tools to make it easier for startups, emerging and existing businesses to:

  • research the local business climate and industry trends

  • evaluate the workforce by education, occupation, and location

  • identify their customers and competitors

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The Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity is currently working on two different projects in Glassboro, New Jersey.

The Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity is currently working on two different projects in Glassboro, New Jersey. One house is on Truman Avenue, the other is on East Boulevard, next to another home that was already built in 2010.

The active projects in Glassboro are being worked on by a core group of fifteen to twenty volunteers. Due to the cold weather approaching, the volunteers will be working on the inside of the house and then finish the outside once spring comes. These two projects are both projected to be complete by August of 2019.

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Sculpture of Former Glassboro Mayor Alvin Shpeen Donated to Town Square by Demountable Concepts, Inc

“Former Glassboro Mayor, Alvin Shpeen’s dedication and vision created the groundwork for our revitalization and what has become the new standard in suburban living and a model for cities nationwide,” said Glassboro Councilman John E. Wallace III. “That is why this statue belongs in this location, directly across from his previous office -- to remind us, no matter how much we have to overcome, just what it is that leadership requires; just what it is that citizenship requires. Alvin Shpeen would have turned 87 years old this July. We do well by placing a statue of him here. But we can do no greater honor to his memory than to carry forward the power of his vision and a dedication to our residents.”

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